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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I still need to see a Dentist if I am a client of Wandering Pearl Dental Hygiene? 


We highly recommend that you maintain regular dental check ups. While we provide screening and prevention for cavities and other dental issues that may require treatment, we are not equipped or licensed to provide restorative care.  

I haven't been to a dentist in years- what is my first step?

You have already made the first step by researching your options- way to go! Next, call or email us to find out the best way to access our services. Quite often if you have taken a dental hiatus you will need more than one appointment to complete your dental hygiene care. During these appointments your Wandering Pearl hygienist will provide compassionate care and help to reduce any anxiety or sensitivities you may have. If necessary, we can assist you in finding a dentist that will help you with any restorative needs you may have.

I have a dentist, but it takes a really long time to get into see the hygienist there... I want my teeth cleaned sooner, but I'm worried that it will upset the office if I use Wandering Pearl's services. Any suggestions?

It is 100% your choice where and how you access care. If your current office has a long wait list for hygiene services there is a very good chance they will not be offended or upset with your choice to access hygiene care elsewhere. We always communicate respectfully with dental offices to ensure that your needs are met. 

Does insurance cover services provided by Wandering Pearl?

Yes, our preventative services are covered by most insurance companies. Whitening is not covered by insurance, however we offer a discounted fee for whitening that is done in conjunction with a dental cleaning. 

Do you submit treatment to my insurance for me?

Yes, we directly bill insurance companies. Any co payments are due at the time of service. If possible, provide us with your insurance details prior to your appointment if you are unsure of your coverage or have more than one insurance plan. 

Can I access your services anywhere?

Our van, Pearl, is equipped to run 'off the grid' for up to 8 hours- allowing for our services to be truly mobile! Of course, as with anything we do have our limitations... We need a flat spot to park and we need additional power support to run our air conditioning on very hot days (this just means we need somewhere to 'plug in').

Wandering Pearl mainly serves the greater Nanaimo area.  We are also happy to wander further up Island to provide care in from Parksville to the Comox Valley.


Do you have set days or hours that you work?

We operate 2 days a week out of the Island Optimal Health and Performance clinic on Dufferin (Nanaimo). Our partnership with this amazing group of health care practitioners is truly one of a kind! To book with Wandering Pearl at this location please call the clinic at 250.753.9449 or try the new book online feature on the Island Optimal website

Outside of these days we are very flexible with days/times. Some available booking options are under our book online tab. If you are not finding what you are looking for please call or email us!

I have dental anxiety- how can you help me with this?

Most dental anxiety stems from a bad experience in a dental office and is set off by the sounds, smells and clinical environment found in many dental offices. At Wandering Pearl we have done our best to eliminate the environmental triggers associated with traditional dental offices... and bonus - we are not dentists!! If dental anxiety is a concern for you please let us know and we will work with you to create a relaxing and positive experience. 

I have very sensitive teeth- how do you manage sensitivity?

There are many different ways for us to help you with sensitivity. Our hygienists aim to provide the most gentle cleaning possible - while still providing proper care. We can provide desensitization of individual teeth or specific areas as well as topical anesthetic for sore gums. 

For ongoing sensitivity we can make recommendations for home care products/techniques.  

I have a parent/spouse/child with mobility/health concerns that has prevented them from accessing care. How can I arrange a dental hygiene appointment for them?

The first step here is to call us at 778-268-1001 and we will determine if IN HOME care would be suitable for your loved one. An in home consultation is recommended.



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