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Our Care Philosophy

Person Centered Care

Your input is fundamental in your care. This means that YOU participate, YOU chose and YOU shape your treatment​. Your Wandering Pearl Hygienist will help guide you.

  • All aspects of recommended treatment will be explained to you, but we will not push treatment that you are fundamentally uncomfortable with. There are likely alternatives!

  • We are proud to be a NO PRESSURE clinic. You will not be made to feel guilty about past care (or lack of)- we are about helping you move forward on your path to wellness. You will be guided on your future treatment plan and given suggestions on home care in a respectful manner. No lectures!

  • Our goal is to achieve a state of health that can be maintained with preventative care. 

Improved Access to Care

  •  Our mobile clinic aims to improve access to care for individuals with special sensory needs, those who are home bound as well as healthy families who may just be too busy to get to the dental office.

  • We are proud to be ​a reduced sensory environment! We have removed the hustle and bustle of the traditional dental office- along with the smells, sounds and sights that can often trigger anxiety.

  • Community outreach to vulnerable populations with government insurance coverage or limited finances and educational programs round out our aim to improve access to care.


  • Your gum health (our focus) is only a small piece in the puzzle of your overall health!​

  • Based on the information we gather during our treatment and the information you share with us, we can help direct you towards a dentist that fits your needs and/or other allied health professionals to round out your care.

Meet owner and Wandering Pearl's primary hygienist, Anna. 

Anna brings over 10 years of clinical dental hygiene experience in general practice, periodontics and education along with a background in microbiology to provide her clients with the most up-to-date,

person centered care possible.

When Anna is not Wandering around with Pearl,

she can be found helping students in the clinic

at VIU,  or trucking around with her 3 boys, her

partner (Brian) and her puppy (Miss Nibs).

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